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Musashimurayama is a city of Tokyo, Japan found in the northern central area. The city currently functions as mainly residential territory with a population of approximately 66,150. The total are of the city is reported to be an estimated 15.37km squared.

Based on the great climate the city of Musashimurayama has grown into a flourishing agriculture driven city with miles of land being used to create profitable crops growing a great variety of goods. Keeping the air and land clean has become first priority in the city to maintain the growing capacity it has currently stabilized.

History of Musashimurayama

Musashimurayama’s history is long and quite extensive as it has gone through many changes throughout the last 10,000 years. First starting as a small village, the city was ruled by a ruler less concerned with the preservation of the land and more concerned with his power over it. It did not take long for his reign to be halted.

Murayama Village was the first name of the area currently known as Musashimurayama City. This name was kept until the city came under government ruling in 1912 and it was officially named Murayama Town. It would remain Murayama Town until being named Musashimurayama City in 1970.

Points of Interest

  • Murayama Hot Spa The Murayama Hot Spa is quite popular in the city as it is where residents and visitors may relax while ridding themselves of life-caused aches and pains. The Spa is large in size and offers a variety of special features to encourage relaxation with all guests.
  • Play Forest & Forest of Adventure The combination of great playground activities for the children and beautiful scenery for the more mature at heart makes for perfect family fun guaranteed to last all day. Picnic areas and occasional events bring even more excitement to the little natural wonderland.

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