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Motonari Ono is a Japanese fashion designer and started of his own label under his name, monotari ono. His work is best known for its womenswear collections with simple yet evocative prints using basic color schemes and dramatic juxtapositions.



Monotari Ono attended the Mejiro Design School, from which he graduated in 2002. He then moved to London and attended the London College of Fashion Foundation for 1 year before enrolling in the Royal College of Fine Art in Antwerp. However, instead of schooling in Antwerp, he took a job he received from Bora Aksu in London, causing him to leave college before he completed his diploma. He joined Aksu in 2004 as a chief pattern maker and worked with him for two years. He returned to Tokyo in 2006 and started his own brand, monotari ono, in 2006.

Clothing Style

Ono’s clothing style is best known for its simple dresses with high hemlines and collars that create a strong image with simple black and while designs and occasional splashes of color in reds and other bright offsetting imagery. In many cases, the designs are created with simplicity in mind but affixed with small details that bring out additional aspects and style in their execution.

Where to Buy

Currently, Ono’s productions are not yet available in his own boutiques but they are carried by select department stores and boutiques in Tokyo that specialize in new and upcoming designers.

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