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Miyazaki Prefecture (宮崎県) is a Japanese prefecture located on the island of Kyushu. The capital of Miyazaki Prefecture is the city of Miyazaki.



During the Edo period, Miyazaki Prefecture was known as Hyuga Province. When the han system was abolished in the 1870s, it was renamed and reapportioned as Miyazaki Prefecture.


Miyazaki Prefecture is located on the east coast of Kyushu, with the Pacific Ocean on its southern and eastern sides. Surrounding it on other sides are Oita Prefecture to the north, Kumamoto Prefecture to the west, and Kagoshima Prefecture to the West.


Cities located within Miyazaki Prefecture include the following:

Districts and Towns

In addition to its major cities, Miyazaki Prefecture is made up of the following major districts and towns:


Miyazaki Prefecture is known for a number of year round attractions, including the following:

Nichinan Coastline/Aoshima Island – Located off the coast, Aoshima Island is only 1.5 km in circumference and is surrounded by a rock formation known as the Devil’s Washboard. A shrine located on the island draws visitors from all over Japan.

Obi Castle Town – Obi Castle Town was the primary castle of the Ito clan during the Edo Period. In the years before that the castle was fought over constantly. The gate and walls have been restored to appear as they did in the Edo period.

Saitobaru – The largest collection of burial mounds in Japan with more than 311 mounds, this spot is home to multiple different forms, including underground cave-like monuments.

Shusen-no-Mori – A theme park known for its traditional Japanese arts and local wine and beer.

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