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Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県) is a Japanese prefecture positioned in the Tohoku Region of Honshu. The capital of Miyagi Prefecture is Sendai.



Before the abolition of the Han system, Miyagi Prefecture was known as Mutsu Province, one of the original provinces of Japan and a onetime site of a prehistoric capital. During the Wado period, in the early 8th century, Mutsu province was the site of much civil unrest, leading to its separation from other provinces and the military interjection against possible uprisings.

During the Sengoku period, multiple clans ruled various parts of the province with the Uesugi clan holding a castle in Wakamatsu, the Nambu Clan holding Morioka, and the Masamune Clan holding Sendai.

Before the Han System was abolished, Mutsu was split into Rikuchu, Rikuzen, Iwaki, and Iwashiro Provinces. Later, both Miyagi and Aomori prefectures were created from these provinces.


The region of Miyagi Prefecture is located in central Tohoku, with the Pacific Ocean on one side. Sendai is the largest city in Tohoku and along the northeast coast, multiple mountain ranges exist. Also here is the Oshika Peninsula and Matsushima, both popular and expensive places to settle and live.


Major cities currently located in Miyagi Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

Sources of Income

Miyagi is best known for its combination of fishing and agricultural industries, producing large amounts of rice and livestock. However additional manufacturing industries include electronics and appliances around Sendai.


Miyagi is well known for its various attractions, including the castle town of Sendai, which was at one point held by daimyo Date Masamune. The ruins today are still on the hill above the city. Additionally, the national landmark of Matsushima is located here. Additional attractions include:

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