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Meguro (目黒) is a city in the Meguro special ward of Tokyo, Japan. Known for its historical and geographic uniqueness, including the finding of the Higashiyama Shell mound with Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun period artifacts.



Located within Meguro’s limits are the Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo, The Tokyo Institute of Technology and multiple high schools including:

  • Meguro High School
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University High School
  • Komaba High School

Notable Citizens of Meguro

Famous individuals who have been from Meguro include Actresses Waka Inoue and Yumiko Fujita, the Crown Princess of Japan Masaka, and folk singer Shigeru Izumiya. Additional residents of the city include Shizuka Kudo, Keisuke Kuwata, and Takuya Kimura.

Main Attractions

Meguro is home to multiple attractions, including:

  • Meguro Museum of Art – The Meguro Museum of Art is full of works by artists well known for their connection to Meguro. This includes a wide array of local artists, national artists from Meguro and displays from local children.
  • Folk Museum – The Folk Museum is located in Moriya Educational Hall and collects and preserves any artifacts related to Meguro’s local history, including those that are attached to national trends.
  • Ko-minka – This location is known as the former residence of the Kuriyama family, and a culturally significant site.
  • Komabano Park – This year round park is a popular location during holidays and takes reservations for use of barbeques and outdoor equipment. It can become quite crowded during holidays.
  • Komaba Park – This park is home to a wide array of various attractions, including a wakan for use in traditional tea ceremonies, flower arrangement or haiku events. Sugekari Park is another popular location with similar options.
  • Shimizu-ike Park – This park is popular in Meguro for its fishing with Shimizu-ike pond, filled with farm raised and cultivated Herabuna. All fish caught in this pond must be returned however.

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