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Loveless (Loveless Aoyama) is a Japanese luxury clothing store owned and operated by Sanyo Shokai in the Aoyama area of Tokyo, Japan. Loveless Aoyama opened on July 23, 2004. The store is a four story building built on a piece of prime real estate that Sanyo Shokai has owned since 1997 and which cost more than $40 million to develop. Repeatedly named one of the top fashion boutiques in the world, Loveless carries many of the top luxury brands from Japan, Europe, and the United States as well as many exclusive Japanese brands only available at Loveless.

Prior to being transitioned into Loveless the space was operated as a womenswear boutique with high quality clothing and well to do women in mind. Today, the building, rebranded as Loveless in 2004 has become devoted to the avant-garde fashions of Japan’s hipster youth with a distinct punk rock influence.


The Store

The Loveless shopping center is a four story building, with the first floor devoted to French luggage carrier Goyard’s goods. The remaining three floors were designed and built by creative director Yuichi Yoshii who has served in the same role for many of Japan’s top fashion firms. While the top two floors are full of day clothing and normally expected boutique offerings, the bottom two floors, underground, are home to “the dark side”, designed to resemble a medieval castle with modern, chic twists. A tunnel-like staircase, massive tome-like coffee ables and massive chandelier make up the space.

The Merchandise

In contrast to the dour design of the boutique, the clothing carried is eclectic as possible with brands from across the world representing the newest, trendiest releases by both major and small brands. Brands such as Anne Valerie Hash, Paco Rabanne, and Resurrection are showed in the basement floors where dresses sell for 1.2 million yen and Hollywood inspired cuts are mixed with vintage punk jeans.

Other brands that can be found in Loveless include Helmut Lang, Chloe and Capucci, Manolo Blahnik, Dr. Romanelli, and Mastermind Japan.

Other Loveless Shops

In August of 2008 Loveless replaced their previous Colour by Numbers shop in Daikanyama with a new boutique called Loveless Daikanyama.

Loveless Fashion Brand

In 2008, Loveless announced that they would launch their own fashion brand called Loveless.


The Loveless store is located in Aoyama, across from the Prada flagship store and near the Issey Miyake shop.

  • Address: 3-17-11 Minami-Aoyama Minato-Ku Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
  • Phone: 03-5474-5934
  • Nearest train station: Omotesando Station (2 minute walk)

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