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Kyu-Shibarikyu Onshi Teien is a garden located in the Minato Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Due to the long history of the garden it is an official Historic Site of Japan and is protected under the preservation laws.

Created during the Edo Period, the garden represents authentic traditional Japanese styles and has been created with great amounts of natural greenery and special stones prized during the time of its creation. A large pond near the center is also another great characteristic presenting it as an original Japanese style garden.



Prior to 1655 the land where the park now sits was part of the sea. Changes in the oceans territory brought the land above ground and it was eventually claimed by Tadatomo Ohkubo in 1678. Ohkubo loved the land and decided to build his house on the property.

From 1678 to 1875 the land was passed around and sold to many different buyers. Finally in 1875 it was bought by the Department of Imperial Household. By 1876 the land was being called Shibarikyu.

In 1923 the area of Shibarikyu was ruined in the Great Kanto Earthquake. Unable to restore the ruins, the Department of Imperial Household determined it was best to sale the property. At this time the Tokyo Government purchased the property.


Kyu-Shibarikyu Onshi Teien Garden is accessible using either the subway or rail line. From the Hamamatsucho Station there is a 1 minute walk to the garden, and from the Daimon Station there is a 3-5 minute walk to the garden.


Kaigan 1-4-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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