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Kunitachi is a city of Tokyo, Japan found in the western area. Kunitachi officials reported a population of an estimated 77,000 in 2003. Due to economic growth this number is said to have gone up substantially although little evidence supports this idea.

Kunitachi is an educational district with several universities specializing in a number of areas scattered throughout the city. The education facilities in Kunitachi cater to all people, including those with disabilities. The fairness for those dealing with any disability is held as top priority in teachers and city officials.

The atmosphere in the city is said to be spectacular as residents and tourists are encouraged to relax in the slow-paced traditional city setting. Many parks, a beautiful stream, and villages of small privately owned shops create an “at home” feeling for all that visit. It is this that the city of Kunitachi is known for throughout Japan.

In addition to the peaceful setting pushing the city to the top of tourist charts; the city of Kunitachi has also become extremely popular for its entertainment venues and talented residents. Many special events take place in the city where hundreds of wonderfully talented performers take part in creating cheer throughout the city.

History of Kunitachi

Kunitachi began its long journey during Medieval Times and flourished as a great source for rice crops. At this time the city was called Yaho and ruled by the Tsudo family.

It wasn’t until 1889 that the city of Kunitachi was developed when combining 3 important villages of the area. Shortly after this, in 1893, Kunitachi was officially established as a city of the Tokyo area.

In 1945, Kunitachi was evacuated due to WWII which did destroy a large amount of the city with devastating fires. Cleaning the city up and rebuilding brought on a great increase in residential population. Many felt that the city was safer and progressed much faster after being damaged by the war.

Points of Interest

  • Kyodo Bunka Kan This area features many important artifacts including restored homes which represent a large piece of the cities history. A special building has also been designed to provide an even more spectacular view of the area. You may also visit the inside of the building to read historical literature and catch up on the latest developments in the cities search for its roots.
  • Kominka The Kominka is a farmhouse that has been restored to perfectly imitate the way it looked over 200 years ago. The entire area is beautifully landscaped to allow all visitors a peaceful setting surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

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