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Komiya Park is located in Hachioji City of Tokyo, Japan. The primary focus of the parks setup is to excite guests with an authentic feel of the forest. Hundreds of trees, beautiful native plants, and natural landmarks make for a very nice relaxing walk through the naturally serene park.

A walk through the park reveals incredible beauty while the trail also consists of a unique wooden pathway created even more uniqueness in the park. Following the traditional wooden path through the forestry is described as almost magical. Bold flowers, lots of color, green trees, and handcrafted benches all line the sides of the trail.



As with many other Tokyo parks, Komiya was initially created to serve as a disaster prevention zone. In the case of a natural or war emergency city residents will gather in the park to get the latest updates and seek proper shelter. This measure has been taken to prevent deaths such as those in World War II.

Things to See

  • Events Many events are held in Komiya Park every weekend including large annual festivals attended by thousands of Japan citizens. Park benches, designated picnic areas, and a special playground all contribute to the parks ability to serve as an ideal party venue.
  • Benten-Ike Pond The area around the Benten-Ike pond is professionally landscaped to make a relaxing area for resting. Families gather by the pond to take in the beautiful scene and have a small picnic. According to history, the pond was created by man years ago.


To access Komiya Park from the Hachioji Station you must take a bus to the Hachioji Yuubinkyokumae Bus Stop. Once you have reached the bus stop it is a 10 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Komiya Park Service Center (0426-23-1615)

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