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Kodaira is a city of Tokyo, Japan resting in the western area of the popular Tokyo prefecture. The city is mildly populated with approximately 182,549 people in an estimated 20.46km area.

While the official industries of Kodaira city are currently unpublished it is abundantly clear that science and medicine play a large roll in the cities thriving economy. Many universities, science labs, and special research centers call the city home. This has driven many tourists into the area. Finding the answers to our latest questions in science has become one of the cities top priorities.

The Kodaira Green Festival has been held in the city of Kodaira for over 13 years. This festival means a lot to all special visitors and certainly those that reside in the beautiful green city. Showing respect and appreciation for the land and all that it naturally contributes to the beautiful scene has been the main motivation behind the festival; hence the name Kodaira Green Festival. It is the blueberries that begin flourishing in the spring that bring in the most onlookers as they not only taste perfect, they are absolutely gorgeous to look at.

History of Kodaira

Kodaira was officially established on October 1st of 1962. This prewar event took place as the proper government was finally founded. A greater plan for city development encouraged a better economy therefore ensuring a more secure and functional city.

Points of Interest

  • The Green Road The Green Road has a strong history in Kodaira as it was once a main source to sufficient drinking water. The area was manmade in the 1600’s under the ruling of the earliest governments. As times changed the stream was allowed to dry up and eventually became completely dry. Now there is a small stream surrounded by hundreds of plants, trees, and greenery that many visitors are able to enjoy.
  • Kodaira Citizens Cultural Hall The exquisite glass building was constructed in 1993 to house some of the finest events to ever take place in the city. A magnificent theatre suited with over 1,000 stadium seats and several rows of additional seating, special sound systems, and spectacular design ensures that all visitors get a glimpse of true Japanese art in action.

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