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Kochi Prefecture (高知県) is a Japanese prefecture located along the southern coast of Shikoku. The capital of Kochi Prefecture is Kochi City. Before the Meiji Restoration, the land within Kochi Prefecture was largely known as Tosa Province. It was reapportioned in 1871 when the Meiji government abolished the Han System.



Making up the majority of southwest Shikoku, Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean. While it is the largest prefecture in Shikoku, it has the fewest people due to its mostly mountainous terrain. Only in the regions of Kochi and Nakamura are there any plains. The area around Kochi is well known for its rivers as well.


Cities currently located in Kochi Prefecture include the following:

Districts and Towns

Additional districts and towns located in Kochi Prefecture include the following:


Attractions in Kochi Prefecture range from cultural touchstones to natural sightseeing with many major, all year attractions drawing the largest amount of annual visitors. The best example is the Yosakoi-Matsuri Summer Festival. While held around Japan in multiple cities and prefectures, this event originated in Kochi hundreds of years ago. Stretching over a four day weekend in August each year, the dance parade is among the most recognizable cultural events in Japan.

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