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Kiyosumi Teien Garden is located in the Koto Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Its total estimated area is 81,091m. Today the garden features many great elements such as bridges, walking paths, a teahouse, manmade islands, and ponds.



Kiyosumi Teien Garden has a lengthy history as it has been owned by many. As documented the earliest use of the land can be dated back to the Edo Period. Most think that the land was owned by a famed merchant by the name of Bunzaemon Kinokuniya. According to history he owned most of the land and had his house near the center of what is now Kiyosumi Teien Garden.

The establisher of Mitsubishi Group, Yataro Iwasaki, purchased the land from Bunzaemon Kinokuniya in 1876. It was then redeveloped into a large garden used as a common meeting place for his business. He believed that keeping his business partners and potential clients in a relaxing environment would open doors to better business.

Finally, by 1932 the park was donated to the city of Koto. A short while later it was completely restored so that citizens of the city could take in the naturally magnificent scene.

Things to See

Walking through the garden truly can be exciting as you always sure to see a new natural element. Animals are known to frequent the area with birds and turtles being the most popular sightings. Many of the turtles live in the pond and will approach visitors expecting to be fed. This has proven to be one of the most thrilling events the park.


Kiyosumi Teien Garden is accessible using Toei Subway Oedo Line and Tokyo-metro Hanzoumon Line. Once reaching the Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station it is an estimated 3 minute walk to the garden.


Kiyosumi 3-3-4, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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