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Kiyose, or Kiyose-shi in Japan, is a city of Tokyo, Japan found in the northern part of the prefecture. There was a reported population of 73.550 people living in the estimated 10km area as of April 2006. This number has risen significantly due to economic growth and expansion taken place in the last year.

Kiyose is home to the Research Institute of Industrial Safety which serves all of Japan. This institute currently performs research on the various safety issues concerning the industrial business of Japan. Ensuring safe practice prevents horrible disasters which could, and often times have, taken hundreds of lives in the area.

Aside for developments in research for industrial safety the city of Kiyose is also taking on the challenge of Children’s medicine research performed at it world renowned Kiyose Children’s Hospital. The hospital has been deemed detrimental to the health of children around the world as it works to find cures to some of the top killers of young children with diseases. At this time the hospital has been in practice for well over twenty years.

History of Kiyose

In 1958, the first report on OBGYN ultrasounds was released by several medical assistants stationed at the National Sanatorium Kiyose Hospital. This was a huge development and put the city on the map as one of the most advanced locations in Tokyo. In fact, many Americans traveled to the city to get the inside scoop on the latest technology.

The city of Kiyose was officially established as a city of Tokyo Japan in late 1970. At this time a plan was put into place promising a thriving economy and richer foundation.

Points of Interest

  • Keyaki Road Gallery The Keyaki Road Gallery is true to its name as it is a road lined with some of the finest greenery of Japan as well as many sculptures created for various historical events throughout Japans history. There are currently twenty-four statues being displayed during all four seasons. This number has been increasing as the city gains more experience and notability in the eyes of the world.

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