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Kinuta Park, referred to as Kinuta Koen in Japan, is a popular park located in Setagaya City, Tokyo. The reported size of roughly 400,000m classifies the park as medium sized. With such a large area, over half (approximately 240,000m) is completely natural with greenery, native plants, and special wildlife living on the beautiful land.

The park is recognized mostly for its incredible amount of Cherry Blossom Trees growing all over the large park. The scene is said to be magnificent in the spring, when the trees first bloom, with vivid colors and bold patterns.



Prior to being the Kinuta Park, the area was a large golf course. As the Setagaya city began reorganizing it was determined that the land would be needed as a greenery scene to maintain the environment the city residents were seeking.

In 1957, the Kinuta Park opened for all to see and since has become one of the most popular destinations in the city of Setagaya.

Things to See

  • Setagaya Art Museum Setagaya Art Museum plays many roles in keeping the artists of Setagaya fully equipped with the latest trends in arts. You can find the museum beautifully tucked away in outer area of the Kinuta Park. This special location is home to hundreds of famous paintings and also helps teach children, and adults, how to explore their own creative side and become one with incredible pieces such as those presented at the museum.


The Kinuta Park is accessible through the Den-en Toshi Line. Once reaching the Yoga Station it is a 15 minute walk to the park. Buses are available to take visitors closer to the park. Public parking is not available at the facility but within close vicinity.


1-1 Kinuta-koen Setagaya, Tokyo

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