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Keita Maruyama is a Japanese fashion designer and creator of the label of the same name. His work is categorized as being largely subdued and simple with classical flairs and beautiful, obscure prints that are placed in juxtaposition with simply, basic designs.



Maruyama was born in Tokyo Japan and attended the Bunka Fashion College in 1987, immediately starting work afterwards at the Japanese Designer Company. He took to freelance work in 1990, working for musicians and actresses creating costumes. IN 1994, he debuted his original line for both men and women and in 1996 won the New Comer Prize in the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix. His work debuted in Paris in the following year, 1997, and he won multiple awards shortly thereafter.

He has since gone on to launch two additional collections in the Keita Maruyama Kimono collection and the Keita Maruyama relax collection of sleepwear.

Clothing Style

Maruyama’s clothing has taken many directions depending on the season and the collection, but most of his work revolves around simple designs and elegant styles. His knitwear and fringes especially have always been given a great deal of acclaim while his designs are always both stylish and practical, providing the necessary usefulness for each season. His attempts at producing products that were more conflicting and jarring have met with less acclaim than his previous work, as in the case of his 2006 show where the mixing and mashing of colors, icons, and patterns led to a fairly poorly received collection. However, his work has long stood as one of the iconic fashion productions of Tokyo and returned to form quickly thereafter in the 2008 collections.

Shop Locations

Keita Maruyama’s clothing can be purchased in multiple department stores throughout Tokyo as well as in his flagship store located in Aoyama, Tokyo:

  • B1F 5-3-5 Minamiaoyama
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
  • (03) 3406-1935

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