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Kasai Rinkai Park is located in the Edogawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan. It’s tremendously great location on Tokyo Bay makes for great relaxation near the most popular water in the land. This has also brought many tourists to the park.

To make the park easier to navigate it has been broken down into five separate areas each representing a separate theme. Water play, greenery, open area, sports centers, and water views are all situated in their regions.



The Kasai Rinkai Park was finally created in the form that is it today in 1989. Prior to this time the land served as crop fields and farm developments. It was the cities need for more greenery that initiated the plans for the park.

In 1994, the park took on another tremendously exciting area when creating the bird sanctuary. This caused the popularity of the park to almost triple within weeks. Many residents of the Tokyo area state that they visit the Kasai Rinkai Park just to see this special location.

In 2001, the most famous part of the park was finally brought to the area as the ferris wheel went up for the first time. This brought the park to a whole new level as very few in the area have ever taken such drastic steps to bring in visitors and give them an exciting experience.

Things to See

  • Ferris Wheel The Ferris Wheel of Kasai Rinkai Park was built to give tourists and residents a good look at the Tokyo area. With a high peak, you can clearly see the larger cities and all that they contribute to the lands beauty. It has also been used for quality time in a nice quiet atmosphere for family, friends, and couples.
  • Observation House – Crystal View This is perhaps the most popular facility in the park as it has seating and a small tea shop for all visitors of the park. The clear panes surrounding the unit allow easy views of the area including special water views. This has been said to be one of the most peaceful and surreal sites in all of Japan.


Kasai Rinkai Park is accessible using two rail lines in Tokyo. The JR Keiyo line brings you within 1 minute walking distance from the Kasai Rinkai Koen Station. If traveling on the Tozai line, there is a 15 minute bus ride once reaching the nearest station.


Rinkai-cho 6-2-1, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

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