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Kameido Chuo Park is located in Koto City of Tokyo, Japan. Found just a hop-skip-and jump from the Station; Kameido Chuo Park is popular among the residents as most take a walk through it on their way home or even prior to boarding on the way to work. It is also a popular mingling place during lunch hour as everyone wants to catch up on the latest events while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of beautiful Mother Nature.

The park has a little something for everyone, both young and old. When building the park they took in special consideration for the needs of all Tokyo residents making sure it was exactly what they, the people, wanted. Keeping the city environmentally friendly in a fun and exciting way is important to the cities officials and citizens.


Things to See

To keep the park organized and allow maximum enjoyment it has been broken down into three separate areas each presenting visitors with a unique activity.

  • Section One is for the children featuring a tremendous amount of activities including a very large sturdy wood play set also showing off a tall clock tower – enjoyed by many children. Keeping the children safe has been prioritized in this section and there are many special features making the child’s playtime a fun but safe adventure.
  • Section Two has been created to let guests take in nature with a large stream and tons of greenery to set the mood for relaxation. Many find this area to be perfect for jogging the dog or enjoying a nice Frisbee game with the young ones.
  • Section Three is for the athletes seeking some recreational sport time playing tennis, baseball, or even children’s games in the additional play area. This special area was designed to let people really let loose and get all their energy out. There is enough to keep most active adults and children busy all day long.


Kameido Chuo Park is accessible using the Tobu Kameido Line to Kameido Suijin Station. From the station the park is about a 2 minute walk, located just down the street.


37-28, Kameido 9-chome Koto Tokyo, Japan

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