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Johoku Chuo Park is a city park located in the Itabashi Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Today, the park is known for being one of the most popular and used recreational area in the Tokyo metropolis. As for size, Johoku Chou Park is listed among the largest parks in Japan.

Johoku Chou Park is a designated disaster relief zone for the area. In the case of a natural or war disaster, the citizens of the city are urged to evacuate their residents and congregate at the park. Many prearranged plans can be put into action within minutes as they hope to never again blindly deal with the disasters of WWII.



Johoku Chou Park started out as Kamiitabashi Greenery, created during World War II to provide shelter for those seeking help due to the devastations of fires. At that time it was common for residents affected by the war to gather in a meeting spot. Most cities have turned these gathering spots into parks to remember the days that were trying for the Japanese.

In 1970, a plan was created to make the park larger and add many sports facilities. Once this was done they found that the name would be more fitting if it were Johoku Chou Park, and so it began.

Things to See

  • Nara Period Ruins Soon after the park opened some explorers, actually searching for rare greenery, came across very old housing. After a great deal of research and exploration it was soon realized that this village was constructed and lived in during the Nara Period. The houses still stand and have been slightly restored to maintain their original appearance.
  • Traditional Japanese Forest Gardens The landscaping of the park greatly represents the Japanese culture in a natural and tranquil way. Native plants and special trees are scattered throughout the park creating a serene experience for anyone strolling the many manmade and nature made trails.


Johoku Chou Park is accessible using the Tobu Tojyo Line. After reaching the Kami-itabashi Station it is a 15 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Johoku Chuo Park Service Center (3931-3650)

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