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Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県) is a Japanese prefecture in the Chubu Region of Honshu. The capital of Ishikawa Prefecture is Kanazawa. Before abolition of the Han System by the Meiji Restoration, Ishikawa Prefecture was comprised of Kaga Province and Noto Province



Located along the coast of the Sea of Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture’s northern segment is comprised of the Noto Peninsula. The south is a bit wider and comprised largely of mountains with Kanazawa, the capital, located along the coastal plain. Islands in the prefecture include Notojima, Nistkejima, and Hegurajima.


Cities located within Ishikawa Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

Various districts and towns also located within Ishikawa Prefecture include:

Sources of Income

Ishikawa’s primary sources of income and industry come through its various textile industries, including artificial fabrics and machining with an emphasis on construction machinery.


Currently, Ishikawa’s most popular destination for tourists is Kanizawa as well as Mount Haku and Shibayama Lagoon. The current best way to reach Ishikawa is by plane, flying through Komatsu.

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