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Inagi is a city of Tokyo, Japan located on the south-central border. A population report released in March of 2007 stated an approximate population of 79,657. This makes for a nicely populated city as it is an estimated 17.17km squared.

Due to the great climate and environmental development the city has been deemed “the fruit land”. The main and special fruits grown in the city are a unique pear and the “bu how”, a fresh fruit similar to a grape but much sweeter in taste.

Inagi is a unique city featuring many great activities for residents and tourists. Parks, cultural centers, sports facilities, and extensive libraries all contribute to the busy lives of those in the city. Sports, as with many other cities in Japan, are held as primary hobbies with baseball, general gym, swimming, tennis, soccer, gate ball, and golf only representing a few of the special classes and teams offered.

Many schools, from elementary to higher education centers, are located in the city of Inagi. Perhaps the most popular among these schools are the women only private colleges and special schools for handicapped children. In fact, the city has been recognized for its diverse offerings to people seeking all special care in education and life skills development. Inagi residents and officials take pride in their dedication and devotion to making life great for all people from all walks of life.

History of Inagi

Stonework done in the Stone Age has been found around the city hinting that the land was used at least 20,000 years ago. The special pieces found to represent this fact have been preserved properly and can be seen in a few of the many museums open to all.

During the 1600’s Inagi was established as a village containing over 14 smaller villages. Inagi was the center of the ruling and quickly became one of the greatest villages in Japan at that time.

In 1889, these smaller villages relinquished their names becoming only the Inagi village. Surrounding villages also merged into the Inagi village creating a much larger area of ruling.

In 1893, Inagi became a village of the Tokyo Prefecture as it began its great journey to becoming what it is today. The village began organizing itself to finally become a city of Tokyo in 1937.

Points of Interest

  • Yomiuri Land Yomiuri Land is a large amusement park in operation in the city of Inagi-shi. The amusement park includes many rides (for toddlers, teens, and adults), as well as water rides for the entire family. The park is open year-round although some rides close due to weather complications in certain seasons.

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