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Hysteric Glamour Aoyama, sometimes known as Hysterics, is the flagship shop of the higher end fashion line of the popular Hysteric Glamour brand. It is located in the Aoyama area of Tokyo, Japan. The Aoyama locations is officially called, and named on the outside of the building, "Hysterics", which refers to the higher end clothing line carried in the shop compared to most other Hysteric Glamour locations. The Hysteric-owned Rat Hole Gallery is located next door to the Hysterics shop.


Shop Layout and Brands

Hysterics Aoyama is a two story building. Women's clothing, including jackets, shoes and boots, t-shirts, dresses, jewely, bags, and other accessories are located on the first floor. On the second floor is Hysteric Glamour menswear. The clothing and accessories in this shop include all of the higher end Hysteric lines like The Hysterics, Hysteric XXX, and some collaborations with other brands and companies. The shop sometimes also carries select items from other makers that have been approved by the Hysterics buyer(s). The items in this shop are higher end and prices tend to be in the high range too - it is not uncommon to see jackets and other items that cost well over US$1000 in this shop.


Hysteric Glamour Aoyama is located in Aoyama near Omotesando Station.

  • Address English: 5-5-3 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Address Japanese: 東京都港区南青山5-5-3
  • Phone Number: 03-6419-3899
  • Shop Hours: 11am - 8pm

Hysteric Glamour Aoyama Map

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