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Hiroki Nakamura is a Japanese fashion and shoe designer and the founder and head designer of VisVim. His work has long been associated with the recent movement by Japanese designers toward environmentally friendly and casual designs.



Nakamura was born in Kofu, Tokyo and was raised in Tokyo. Though he has not spent much of his life in Tokyo, he still considers it his home. He was educated through work, spending a great deal of eight years working for Burton Snowboards, where he developed his current standards of ethics and quality. After starting VisVim, Nakamura has worked hard to create as much exposure for the brand as possible, providing more than 25 interviews in the first two years of his brand’s launch and ensuring that he is constantly available for comment. He also works extensively in collaboration with other brands to ensure a larger penetrating presence in the industry.

The Shoes

Nakamura’s designs are created largely based on outside influences, as he has admitted to taking ideas from everything from his friends and family to artistic communities, musicians, writers, and other designers. From creating sandals that work to recreate the aesthetics of Christo to developing a pair of sneakers that derives from hip hop in America, his work is very eclectic. Currently, Nakamura works on more than 15 different lines of shoes for his own brand and collaborations with other companies.

Where to Buy

VisVim products can be purchased in a number of locations including shops in London, Ferrara, New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Toulouse, and Modena, as well as in various boutiques and department stores in his home city of Tokyo.

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