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Hirofumi Kiyonaga is a Japanese fashion designer and one of the two designers behind Uniform Experiment. Additionally, Kiyonaga is the founding designer of Sophnet, one of the most acclaimed street wear brands in Tokyo.



Kiyonaga launched his Sophnet brand in 1998 as a means of bridging the gap between the growing number of streetwear brands such as A Bathing Ape and the classic, highly popular work of elegant chic designers like Issey Miyake. His work was very popular and soon led to a second line of clothing in FCRB, a T-shirt and garment line that would not have nearly as many limitations as his Sophnet brand did in terms of the availability and production of his work.

In 2008, Kiyonaga announced a third product line that he was starting with partner Hiroshi Fujiwara in Uniform Experiment. As a huge member of the 1980s and 1990s youth movement, Fujiwara is a cultural icon and has been a huge help in defining street wear trends for teens and young adults in Japan. The new line features a collection of both professional and casual wear with simple, street inspired aesthetics.

Clothing Style

Taking much of his inspiration from the street culture around which his lines are modeled, Kiyonaga has created a number of clothing offerings that differ greatly in style and substance. His Sophnet productions often featured fine art prints screened to t-shirts, with artists hired from around the world including the likes of Dzine and Tatsuo Miyajima. His recent work with Uniform Experiment has been more foreward with designs featuring a number of different styles and types from Japanese and western fashion.

Where to Buy

Buying clothing from Kiyonaga is hard for those not in Japan due to the exclusivity that he likes to maintain for his work. All products not sold within two weeks of production in the 3 flagship stores and handful of small boutiques and outlets are destroyed for Sophnet. His FCRB is not nearly as tight on inventory control, but it is less produced and also only available in Japan.

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