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Hirayama Joshi Park is a large park located in Hino-shi city of Tokyo, Japan. The special area is mainly appreciated for its greenery and has little to offer those seeking a recreational center. There are open fields to create your own ball game; however many find it disturbing in the peaceful atmosphere.

Created on a slope, the park has slowly grown its own private pond near the end of the parks parameters. This pond is special to the people visiting as it seems to attract many animals seeking water. It has also turned a lush green scenery into an even more spectacular scene as the flowers and trees surrounding the pond are kept moist, making their colors last much longer than others in the park.

The park offers a unique experience as visitors are encouraged to become a part of the maintenance crew performing small but important tasks such as thinning the trees, watering the plants, and tending to the upkeep of the structures. Special volunteers spend their days in the park teaching everyone how to care for nature so that it will naturally last forever. This has become a favorite pastime of many citizens in the city.



Hirayama Joshi Park was named after a widely appreciated Samurai named Norishige Hirayama. This ruler is said to have lived on the land now known as Hirayama Joshi Park.


Hirayama Joshi Park is accessible using the Keio Line going to Hirayama jyosi-koen Station. Once you have reached the station there is a 20 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Sakuragaoka Park Service Center (042-375-1240)

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