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Hino (日野市) is an established city located in the central-western territory of Tokyo, Japan. A report released in 2004 stated a population of approximately 171,309 people. This population is considered moderate based on its estimated 27km area. Hino is ranked the 6th largest city in all of Tokyo, Japan.

Hino City is known for its unique geographical shape as its city map can easily give the impression of a dogs face. This includes the Tamagawa River which fits perfectly as the dogs’ mouth. Aside from the Tamagawa River, Hino also enjoys the Asakawa River and Spring Water from a special Plateau in the city.

The industries of Hino were initially agriculture and sericulture. Sine the early 1900's the city has evolved as it developed factories, housing, and special shops. Now the city thrives on manufacturing goods, trade and distribution, and special housing design and development.

Aside from manufacturing goods, Hino is also home to many technology companies all of which hold a strong popularity in Japan.

History of Hino

Hino started out as what is referred to as a Hotel Town during the Edo Period. This meant that the city was used to house high-profile tourists, the only tourists of this time, as well as government official meetings. At this time the city did very well as for the economy.

By the Meiji Era, Hino had been broken down into three smaller areas including; Hino-jyuku, Kuwata-mura, and Nanao-mura. Shortly after, in 1901, Kuwata and Nanao merged into surrounding larger cities leaving Hino-Jyuku as its own new city.

Now Hino is working to increase its popularity in Tokyo as it puts special plans into place. While the city is a relatively valuable one, the people feel it could offer much more with a little dedication to doing so.

Points of Interest

  • Tama Zoological Park - The Tama Zoological Park exhibits thousands of flowers, plants, trees as well as many species of animals. Most visitors have described the park as being built around all-things-natural.
  • Hinoshi Furusato Museum - This museum offers all visitors a chance to see important pieces of the history taken place throughout the area. Since the museum is free to get in it certainly gives value to a tourists visit.

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