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The Hikarigaoka Park is located in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, Japan. This special park features a little bit of everything with many sports facilities, special shopping squares, great greenery, and even a bird sighting area with camping grounds.

The park is reported to be quite large with a tremendous amount of space to enjoy the natural beauty of the land. Trees fill the area along with spectacular Japan native plants and perfect placed park benches to take it all in.



The Higarigaoka Park area was once used as a Japanese airfield where military equipment was tested and military members were trained. During WWII, the Japanese military relinquished the land to US forces to be used as an inner US military base.

In 1973, the US gave Japan back the territory and it was decided the best plan was to build a park in the area and allow visitors the chance to experience peace in what was once a trying territory.

Things to See

  • Bird Sanctuary The bird sanctuary is perhaps the most popular place in the park. With few areas like it, the location is perfect for witnessing the beauty of natural things around the earth. Exotic birds have been known to visit the area giving sightseers a great event to remember.
  • Camping Grounds There is a large area of the park specifically designed to give everyone the chance to learn what nature offers. It is kept up well and all visitors have been kind to the many amenities offered.


Hikarigaoka Park is accessible by both Tokyo rail lines and subways. If traveling the rail lines take Tobu Tojyo Line and Tokyo-metro Yurakucho Line to Narimasu Station. The park is a 15 minute walk from this location. If traveling by subway take the Toei Subway Oedo Line to Hikarigaoka Station. The park is a 5 minute walk from this location. Public parking is permitted and available at the park.

Contact by Phone

Hikarigaoka Park Service Center (3977-7638)

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