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Higashimurayama (東村山市) is a city of Tokyo, Japan located in northern part of the metropolis. The population was reported to be approximately 143,737 in 2003; however this number is said to have gone up substantially due to great economic growth in the city. The total estimated area of Higashimurayama is 17.17km.

The industries of Higashimurayama include transportation, automobile manufacturing, and general manufacturing for distribution. Its central location allows for easy access to numerous large cities which transport goods from ports and airports. This benefit has helped the economy reamin strong.

History of Higashimurayama

The city of Higashimurayama is thought to have been around in ancient times and was finally a documented place of existence in the 1500’s.

Higashimurayama was officially established as a municipality of Tokyo in 1964. At this time the government was organized creating a positive foundation for the thriving economy it has taken on today.

Points of Interest

  • Furusato Museum of History - The museum of history is open to everyone, both residents and tourists, looking to learn the long and intersting history of the city. This includes many battles which took place on the land now called Higashimurayama-shi City.

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