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Higashikurume (東久留米市) is a city of Tokyo, Japan. The city is populated with approximately 113.809 people as reported in late 2003. A growth in the economy has, according to city officials, driven this population to an estimated 200,000+ people by 2006.

The Christian Academy of Japan is located in the city of Higashikurume giving the city special meaning to many that live in the area. Students come in from all around the world as this academy has one of the highest exchange student rates in all of Japan.

History of Higashikurume

Higashikurume was finally established as an official city of the Tokyo Prefecture in October of 1970. It was at this time that the government became solid and a actual plan for city development was put into place.

Points of Interest

While the city is well developed with shopping spots, restaurants, and special shops it is still working to increase the amount of tourist activities taking place in the area.

Most visitors find the close location to Tokyo key when combining the big cities features with the peaceful resting places in Higashikurume.

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