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The Higashi Shirahige Park is located in the Sumida Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The park is situated aside the Sumida River running about 2km around giving it great scenes of greenery nourishing off of the fresh water of the river.

The park is divided into sections to serve the public in the most efficient way. Apartment buildings can be found in the eastern side of the park where many have taken residence to enjoy the peaceful setting. There is also an area where the Rehabilitation Hospital is located.

Since disasters in the 1900’s Higashi Shirahige Park has become a ground for disaster relief with a fully equipped shelter developed on the facility. In times of special need all citizens are urged to move into the park where medical and special aid is available.


Things to See

  • Lights at South Pond The lights displayed over the south pond make for an excellent tourist attraction as they are said to be quite surreal. The dancing lights over the pond have been declared a sight that all must see.
  • Lit Jogging and Walking Trails To make the park just as usual in the later part of the day lights have been put into place. Not only providing light, these special additions are known for creating a feeling of peace in the area.


The Higashi Shirahige Park is accessible through the Tobu Isesaki Rail Line. After reaching the Sumida Station the park is about a 7 minute walk. Public parking is not permitted at the facility.


2-2-1 Tsutsumi-dori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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