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The Higashi Avase Park is located in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The 2km area includes hundreds of flowers, trees, and special plants native the area. Many tourists visit Higashi Ayase Park to learn more about the special species growing in the perfect climate.



During the 1800’s the park area served as a large rice field and crop development. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that rice became less prudent in the city and the park was planned. After creating the park, it quickly grew to become one of the most popular in the area.

Things to See

  • Higashi Park Heated Pool The Higashi Park Heated Pool is quite popular throughout the area. Visitors often come to the grounds to enjoy the quiet pool while also taking in the natural beauty of the land.
  • Sports Centers There are many sports centers located in the western part of the park. The most popular of these centers are the tennis courts, baseball fields, and gate-ball fields. Many citizens come to the park to enjoy the team sports in a positive playful atmosphere.


The Higashi Ayase Park is accessible through the JR Jyoban Line and Tokyo-metro Chiyoda Line. After reaching the Adachi Station it is approximately 1 minute when walking to the park. Public parking is not prohibited in the area.


3-4-1 Higashi-Ayase Adachi, Tokyo

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