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Hideo Nishimura is a Japanese fashion designer and the lead designer for the womenswear label, ANNODOMINI. His work has been categorized many times over with work on costumes for films and magazines as well as his newest productions for ANNODOMINI since the 2006 S/S collection.



Nishimura was born in Nagasaki in 1976 and started studying various forms of fashion design in High School. He attended the Bunka Fashion College and graduated from the Fashion Technique Course in 1997, starting his work after that as a freelance designer. He worked in remaking clothing and constructing costumes for magazines and films for a while and then became a pattern maker for UNDERCOVER. In 2003, Nishimura joined MACKDADDY and started by working in Public Relations. He was later promoted to working for the ANNODOMINI line and was given the role of head designer of the new line going into the A/W 2004 collection. His first Tokyo Collection presentation was in 2006 with the S/S collection.

Clothing Style

The clothing of AmmoDomini is best described as a spectacle laden sequence of clothing for each line – with various brilliant colors and prints alongside creative takes on classic fashion staples. The attention to detail in each design – including in the geometric, semi-floral patterns on many clothes has made the line unique in an industry filled with similar lines. With an almost ethereal style mixed with Nishimura’s outlandish flair for stage antics, the shows produced by AmmoDomini are equally attention grabbing.

Where to Buy

AmmoDomini clothing can be purchased from any MackDaddy boutique as well as through a number of boutiques and department stores in Tokyo, the largest of which include the likes of Seibu and Parco.

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