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Hibiya Park, known in Japan as Hibiya Koen, is a beautiful park located in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The park is used for many events and as a special place of rest for citizens of the city.



The park started out as a castle area for the feudal lord, Matsudaira Bizennokami. By the end of the Edo Period the park had begun to evolve into what soon became the stomping grounds for the Japanese military.

In the 1800’s Hibiya Park was used as a marching and celebration grounds for the Japanese military. Training was done on the grounds as well as reward ceremonies for those that went above and beyond their calls of duty.

Finally in 1903, the park was revised as a public western-style park. Many events started to move to the area and the park quickly grew to one of the most popular in Tokyo.

Things to See

  • Outdoor Music Halls Music is a great part of the Japanese culture and two music halls located outside currently help fill the need for relaxation and mingling in the business structured city.
  • Hibiya Public Hall Hundreds of town meetings and special citizen events are held in the Hibiya Public Hall located in the park. This is the main location for outside guests as well.
  • Shopping Spots The Park has quickly grown to be a place where guests can find fun items to make their day even better. Restaurants are also located inside the park area so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery all day without having to leave for anything.


There are several rail lines used to get to the Hibiya Park including the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, the Tokyo-metro Marunouchi Line, the Chiyoda Line, and the JR Yamanote Line. Once in the area you must travel about 2-8 minutes to get to the parks grounds. For those taking a car there are public parking places available.


Hibiiya Koen 1-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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