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The Hanzomon Line is a train line in Tokyo owned and operated by Tokyo Metro. The entire track is relatively short, and at only 16.7 km, the purpose of the line is to take people to and from work and popular Tokyo areas.

The Hanzomon Line makes stops at Shibuya, Minato, Chiyoda, Chūō, Kōtō and Sumida.



The Hanzomon Line was named after Hattori Hanzo, a ninjutsu master from the 16th century. The plans for the Hanzomon line began in 1971, when the Ginza line began to become too congested to carry all of its passengers around Tokyo. In order to relieve some of that traffic, the Hanzomon Line was designed to carry individuals to Shibuya, Chiyoda and some of the more social areas of Tokyo.

Though the construction for the line began in 1972, due to financing issues and regular delays, the first section was not completed until 1978. Since then, several sections have been added, but the track has not undergone any significant changes due to the building of several other lines that also served various areas of Tokyo. The plan for the line was to terminate in Matsudo, and while the scheduled completion date was 2015, it seems unlikely that the track will be completed since there are already trains servicing that area.

Line Information

The Hanzomon Line is represented by a purple on the map, and is signified by a “V.” Despite its short route, the line does stop at 14 different stops on its way. It runs several different types of trains, but the max speed of all of those trains is no more than 120 km/h (in fact, the line has 8 different trains, and 7 of them have the 120 km/h max speed, while 1 train, the Tokyo Metro 8000 series, runs at 100 km/h).

There are women only cars that run in the morning until 9:30. The Hanzamon line does not come as often as several of the other lines, but it does come frequently enough to relive some of the Ginza congestion.

Station Info

14 different stations are reached by the Hanzamon Line. Of these, 1 is in Shibuya, 2 are in Minato, 5 are in Chiyoda, 2 are in the Central District, 2 are in Gangdong and the final stop thus far is in Sumida.

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