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The Hamarikyu Onshi Teien is a park featuring a beautiful garden located in the Chou Ward of Tokyo, Japan. With a long history, the special place is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Tokyo and has been given great recognition around the world.

The park name Hamarikyu has strong meaning for the park as it literally means “detached palace on the coast” when translated to Japanese. The park has water, greenery, rich traditional Japanese gardens, and many wonderful features including a tea house to bring even more relaxation to the area.



Hamarikyu Onshi Teien Park began as a Daimyo Garden in the Edo Period. The entire park was created to surround the tidal pond that all citizens at that time cherished.

Following the Meiji Period, the garden was expanded creating an additional garden that is now known as the north garden. Castle rulers used the new garden to relax and present their guests from other areas with spectacular views of their cherished land.

Around 1952, Japanese city officials deemed the park a National Scenic Historical Site and Special Place of Scenery. This protects the garden and park from being destroyed in times of growth. The city has made their

Things to See

  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien Garden Teahouse Sitting right off the river, the garden teahouse is perhaps one of the most incredible pieces to the remarkable scene of greenery. Perfectly placed, it really does tie the experience together leaving one feeling relaxed in the peaceful setting.
  • 300 Year Old Tree Most refer to the tree as being unlike any tree they have ever seen. Tall, slender, and still very much alive; the 300 year old tree brings many nature lovers to the park.


You can access the Hamarikyu Onshi Teien Park using the Toei Subway Shiodome Station/Tsukiji Shijo Station. There is an approximately 10 minute walk from the subway to the park.


1-1 Teien Hamarikyu Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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