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Fukushima Prefecture (福島県) is a Japanese prefecture in the Tohoku region of Honshu island. The capital of Fukushima Prefecture is Fukushima.



Fukushima was among the lands incorporated in the 4th century in the Yamato Province, the first true government in Japan’s history. During the 5th century, the Shirakawa and Nakoso Barriers were built to protect this region of Japan against barbarians to the north. In 1293, the province was conquered by Subaru and was renamed Michinoku and Oshu. The prefecture was reformed from the various provinces it had been split into during the Meiji Restoration in the 1870s.


Located in the southernmost corner of Tohoku, Fukushima Prefecture is the closest in this region to Tokyo and is divided into three regions by mountains, including Aizu, Hamadori, and Nakadori.

The Hamadori region sits along the Pacific Ocean with flat, fertile soil, while the Nakadori region is the heart and agricultural center where the capital is located. The Aizu region is mostly mountainous with forests, lakes, and popular tourist attractions.


Cities located in Fukushima Prefecture include the following:

Districts and Towns

Additional districts and towns located within Fukushima Prefecture include:

Sources of Income

Currently, much of Fukushima Prefecture’s economy is supported by fishing and seafood industries, though inland there are multiple electric sources including a nuclear power industry. Around the capital of Ishikawa, there multiple software and electronic industries as well.


Tourist attractions in the area include Aizuwakamatsu, as well as the graves of teenagers who died in the Boshin War on Mount Iimori. Mount Bandai, which erupted in 1888 created a crater and numerous lakes and has thus become quite popular with skiers and hikers.

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