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Fuchuunomori Park is a special place where families can enjoy the great outdoors of Japan and participate in family sports, a Japanese tradition. Water, greenery, gardens, and beautifully landscaping make the special place a great relaxation spot enjoyed by people of all ages.

The many sports centers located in the park include baseball fields, tennis courts, gate-ball areas, and even jogging trails. Children are encouraged to get involved with special play equipment promising to deliver a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The scenery at Fuchuunomori Park is spectacular with many traditional Japanese plants inhibiting the area. A soft thin forest also makes for great sightseeing and an enjoyable feeling of coming closer to nature. The park is known well for its beautiful cherry blossoms which present themselves in the spring and glowing red leaves viewable in the fall. The park has plenty in store for all guests no matter what time of year.


Things to See

  • Cherry Blossoms Some of the finest in all of Japan, the water from the spring helps to create bright beautiful cherry blossoms enjoyed by millions.
  • Water Play Center Kids will love the great equipment available to the public to truly enjoy the water in the park. While mainly created to encourage children to get involved with nature, the water feature also tends to draw in plenty of adults as well.


The famous Fuchuunomori Park is accessible using the Keio Rail Line. Once in Fuchu City it is an approximately 10 minute walk to the park. For those driving to the park there are parking spaces available.


Fuchuunomori Park is located in Sengencho, Fuchu City. The area is large with miles of scenery, park features, hills, and water.

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