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Frapbois is a Japanese clothing brand originated in the Daikanyama district of Tokyo, Japan. The brand, which was at one time headed by the mercibeaucoup clothing brand founder Eri Utsugi until 2005, grew quickly in popularity in part due to its catering to a feminine, urban style of dress that emphasized both maturity and flashiness that few other brands provided.

The Label

Frapbois’s clothing is known best for its sharp, femininely flattering cut lines and its willingness to experiment with designs and start new trends. Originated in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Aoyama, Frabois has become a focus point of the area, thanks to its willingness to cater to its hip, urban customer base.

Frapbois does sell men’s clothing though it is not especially well known for its men’s offerings. Women’s clothing is the brand’s specialty with a focus on clothing that young, extremely fashion conscious women will buy. The brand has become known in recent years as a trendsetter due to its ability to assimilate the laid back, loose aesthetics of the 1960s that infiltrate most clothing brands while taking risks and chances with potential new designs.

In addition to a wide array of different clothing styles, ranging from sheer cut blouses and skirts to loose fit Capri style pants, the brand produces a number of accessories in the same basic aesthetic, with a focus on soft yet colorful designs and simple production style. Including things like belts, handbags, and other small accessories, the collections are often suitable for any season despite their biannual showings.

Main Shop Location

The main shop, located in Daikanyama is known for its eclectic design, built as a hybrd workshop, apartment, clothing front that is equal parts hang out spot as it is storefront.

  • Daikanyama, Tokyo
  • 19-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku
  • Tokyo 150-0033
  • (81) 03-5459-2625

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