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Chofu (調布) is a city in Western Tokyo, Japan. As of 2006 there was a reported population of approximately 205,000 people. This growth is phenomenal as Chofu was only a small town with about 40,000 people as recently as 1954. Since establishment in Tokyo, the city of Chofu has taken its seat high in the ranks of popular cities of the prefecture -- currently regarded as the fourth most popular city of Tokyo, Japan.

Chofu is noticed for its sports and athletics departments. In fact, the training presented in the city has been known for producing Japanese Olympic champions with over five notable Chofu athletes taking home 3rd place (bronze) and up. It is this special gift that the city has to offer which brings in athletes and tourists from all around the world. Many special champions have traveled around the world to seek the professional skills taught in one of the many Chofu sports centers.

In recent years the economy of Chofu has been somewhat stunted with little to speak up as far as modern industries. While this has taken its toll on the city, it has also motivated those living there to work harder at achieving a better equipped and higher profiting city. The newest industry to begin growing in the city is currently technology development with several notable companies relocating to the cities well developed commercial zone.

History of Chofu

Prior to the cities official establishment it was held in high regards as the center of the Japanese trading developments. Trade and profit of goods, information, and special produce helped to keep the town well funded.

Chofu was officially established as a city of Tokyo on April 1st 1955. It was at this time that the city merged with a surrounding town Jindai. At the time of establishment the city was populated with approximately 45,000 people.

Points of Interest in Chofu

  • Chofu City Culture Hall Tazukuri - This recently established, constructed in 1995, facility is the home of hundreds of community activities and events for the city. The sole purpose of the building is to provide a luxurious and exciting resting place featuring cultural events recognized and attended by visitors from around the world.
  • Jindaiji Temple - One of the oldest temples in Tokyo. Features a Buddha statue. Popular with tourists.
  • Ancient Ruins - Special ancient ruins are scattered throughout the entire city of Chofu with many dating back thousands of years. Tourists seeking a look into the past of Japan can get a taste of almost every era properly maintained in the city and surrounding areas.

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