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Chie Imai is a Japanese fashion designer and long time backer of the brand Royal Chie, one of the premier fur designers in the world. The brand, almost entirely known for its fur designs has come under some scrutiny in recent years due to the growth of environmental consciousness in the fashion industry.



Chie Imai started designing in the 1970s with Royal Chie, creating the first fully functional light fur designs to reach the mainstream. Starting by securing her own furs by hand from auctions worldwide, Chie was able to build her presence in the fashion industry as a major player in fur. Her work was primarily known in Japan until the 1990s however until she acquired Futaba Fur in the Imperial Hotel of Tokyo. This boutique had long been known as the official furrier of the Imperial Family and so she renamed the brand Royal Chie to grow her business.

She participated in the Fur Information Council of America Fashion Week in 1999 and presented her first show in New York , among major players like Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. Her work was very well received and she soon opened boutiques in the United States as well.

Clothing Style

The Royal Chie clothing style is known for its wide array of different influences, introducing sable, mink, fox, chinchilla, leopard and many more to her clothing. The clothing has fluctuated between fur accents and full fur, and numerous accessories including velvet, diamond, suede, and extra ensembles have been added to the clothing for a more elegant appeal. The collections change annually and have been a staple of the fur industry for three decades

Where to Buy

Royal Chie has multiple boutiques throughout Tokyo, including the Royal Chie location in the Tokyo Imperial Hotel. Additionally, Imai’s products can be found in London, Paris and New York boutiques.

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