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Beauty:Beast is a Japan based clothing company. Based in Tokyo, the company has become synonymous with the sleek urban fashions that have been most popular with international customer bases. Creating a wide array of different products, Beauty:Beast has become very successful in a number of international communities.



Beauty:Beast was founded by designer and fashion guru Takao Yamashita. Yamashita was born in Nagasaki in 1966 and has been deeply involved with the fashion scene for most of his life. He took a chance in 1986 and participated in the Marui Designer Audition, becoming aware that there were extensive possibilities for his talents in the fashion design industry. Shortly thereafter, in 1990, he started Beauty:Beast.

The company first participated in the Osaka Collection the next year in 1991 and its popularity took off shortly thereafter. The boom of fashion in Harajuku caught Beauty:Beast and took it to cult label status in much of Tokyo, spreading out through word of mouth and magazine coverage to various parts of the country.

However, despite its popularity in Tokyo, Beauty:Beast did not find financial success in large measure until 2002 when it started expanding across Japan into new markets under a new owner, base:six. The company quickly expanded and now has shops in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Beauty:Beast Products

The line of Beauty:Beast products ranges from t-shirts to handbags, wedding dresses, and hair care products. The style of the line has long centered around a modern interpretation of fairy tale inspired motifs, using long flowing lines and black and white fabrics to recreate a punk-inspired vision of classic fashion. The influence of Harajuku streetwear is present in most products, including the flowing, layered wedding collection that has become an underground hit.

Main Shop Location

  • Meguroku, Tokyo
  • 1-3-9 Ue-Meguro, Meguro-ku
  • Tokyo 153-0051
  • (81) 03-5794-881

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