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Attachment is a Japanese design label run by Kazuyuki Kumagai. Centered around ensuring optimum craftsmanship in every piece Attachment has become a highly regarded collection of menswear in both Japan and Europe.



Kazuyuki Kumagai has been designing since 1990. He started his career in 1990 by working in his youth with design guru Issey Misake. His position in the Misake Design Group lasted until 1995, when he left in search of something more involving for him as a designer. His role there however prepared him for the rigors of running his own fashion label, which he started in 1998 with Attachment.

His goal in doing so was to become even more involved in craftsmanship, working closely with the factories and textile makers themselves to understand how the manufacturing process worked and to ensure he had technical proof of the quality in each piece that was produced for his company.

Style and Design

The design style of Attachment has been known for some time for its use of intriguing cuts and very specific, very closely measured designs. The most recent collection introduced a run of slim pants with dust colored fabrics that feature the general themes of most of Kumagai’s work. Some of the slim pants feature a leather cut, with a laser-cut leather coat included in the collection to match.

Other inclusions in the 2008 collection that display the general themes of Attachment include a silk jersy top with a waist length collar. A slim cut blazer with a single button displays the overall rounded style of the tuxedo while showcasing the careful modern designs that Issey Misake and now Kumagai have become know before.

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