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Ashikaga (足利) is a city in Japan located 50 miles north of Tokyo. Sano City is to the east and Kiryu is to the west. The population as of recent has reached over 160,000 thousand and spans over 70 square feet. The current mayor of this city is Muneo Yoshitani. The city tree and flower are the maple tree and the azalea. Ashikaga claims the maple tree is a symbol for the desire to protect nature and ensure a pleasing environment for the next generation.

Ashikaga builds its economy based on the textile industry in which it is known for. Recently development in the industrial and commercial area has helped expand the economy. Ashikaga now offers products such as aluminum, plastics and machine metal working. This city contains the university Ashikaga Gakko which is known as the oldest university in Japan. Students from the university help make the economy stronger than other small cities.


It was first established as a town on January 14, 1914 and was once ruled by Ashikagami Wakenokimi, the son of Yamato Takerunomikoto. This is significant because he is mentioned in the Kojiki the oldest chronicle in Japan. Ashikaga is the home of the Ashikaga clan which was created in 14th to the 17th century. The city has many shrines and temples that are related to this clan. One of the most famous temples is the Bannaji Temple, founded by Yoshikane Ashikaga in the 1100's.

A city charter was created by the citizens on May 5, 1970. This charter bases itself upon several key factors. Ashikaga bases itself on high quality education from the oldest school in Japan, its beauty, goodwill, hope and the different types of development. All these qualities help form a more attractive and affluent city.

Points of Interest

There are many great temples to observe and visit in this city. Many magnificently constructed and still in use today. Ashikaga Gakko School has beautiful gardens and scenery to view. One of the biggest attractions is the Ashikaga Museum of Art. Although this museum primarily displays works of artist that have lived in the city, it is of exceptional quality. Sometimes the museum does display famous world artist as well.

Ashikaga has a festival during what is known as the Golden Week. This is from April 29th through May 5th of every year. These festivities include a magnificent parade, many events sponsored by local stores and the Sawayaka Kenko Marathan. This is one of the biggest activities in Ashikaga to attend. Many of the roads are closed, and the bus routes are changed for this day.

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