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Akiko Ogawa is a Japanese fashion designer and creator of her own line. Her work, which burst onto the scene in 2001 has become a top watched brand around the world and is currently sold in Tokyo, Paris, and New York.



Akiko Ogawa attended the Kuwasawa Design School and graduated in 1995. She started by working with Onward Kashiyami and Sanei International for six years before leaving to start her brand in 2001. Her first collection was presented in 2002 in Paris and was shortly afterwards picked up by buyers in New York and Paris and is currently sold in London as well. In 2005, her former school awarded her the Kuwasawa Design Award for excellence in fashion design.

Clothing Brand

The Akiko Ogawa fashion label is best known for its sleek, smoothly cut designs. Including the likes of high sash dresses and strapless designs she combines the classic cocktail dress design with numerous design elements without pushing the envelope too far. Instead of pushing the usual edgy envelope that many contemporary designers strive for, Ogawa strives to create clothing that is fundamentally sound and beautifully crafted for a perfectly elegant look.

Where to Buy

Akiko Ogawa’s clothing can currently be purchased in a number of locations worldwide, including Barney’s New York and the flagship store located in Aoyama’s Bell Commons District.

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