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Akihabara (秋葉原), also known as Akiba or Electric Town, is a neighborhood of Tokyo best known for its concentration of electronic goods shops and businesses catering to the Japanese Otaku culture. Anime and manga shops, toy stores, video game shops, arcades, maid cafes, hobby stores, and adult shops share the streets around Akihabara Station with small computer stores and giant branches of the major Japanese electronic retailers including Yodobashi, Bic Camera, Laox, and Sakuraya. Though the area of Akihabara most popular with locals and tourists has traditionally been the West side of Akihabara Station, Yodobashi Camera opened their largest store in Japan on the East side of the station in 2005.



After World War II, the Akihabara area of Tokyo became known for its black market electronics shops. In the decades the followed, it became increasingly popular with Japanese people interested in technology or in need of electronic goods for their homes. When the PC became popular in the 80s, Akihabara quickly attracted computer users from all over Japan. In the 90s, interest in video games, electronics, anime, and manga continued to grow, and Otaku culture was accepted by Japanese companies as a viable market demographic, cementing Akihabara's reputation as one of the key areas of commerce and culture in Japan.


Akihabara Station (秋葉原駅) is the main public transit access point to the Akihabara area of Tokyo. The station is in the middle of Akihabara and the shopping area starts immediately outside of the "Electric Town" exit.

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