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Ichikawa (市川市) is a city in Japan found in the Chiba Prefecture. According to a census performed and reported in 2003 the approximate population was 462,249 people. Based on the closeness and greater job opportunity in Tokyo, residing only about thirty minutes away by train; many residents of Ichikawa commute to work on a daily basis.

The industries of the entire Chiba Prefecture area include many industrial plans, and the second best agricultural development. This has ruled the economy for many years based on its close location to the Tokyo Bay.

Ichikawa is currently taking a stand against unhealthy living habits as they work to be titled the “Healthy City” in Japan. Working to counteract the unavoidable hazards of urban city living has become top priority to the mayor.


Ichikawa was officially established as a city of Japan in 1934. While the city was technically formed prior to this, this was when a proper government was put into place.

Points of Interest

  • Colton Plaza is one of the largest shopping malls/centers in the area. The uniqueness of this mall pulls in business from many residents and tourists looking to spend money on extremely rare artwork, expensive goods, and even cars.
  • Omachi Recreation Zone a large family park which features gardens, a zoo, and a life-size obstacle course.

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