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Zepp Tokyo is a concert hall located in Odaiba Seaside in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of the larger Zepp family of concert halls (the others are located in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Sapporo), and it opened in March of 1999.

Zepp is a popular location for bands that appeal to people of all ages, with young and old stars appearing regularly as well as many international stars as well. Zepp is also a popular location to hold corporate events and conventions, and can be rented by any organization that can afford its relatively steep pricing.

All of the locations are owned by Sony Music Group, though they were started by Avex Group Holdings before the company withdrew primary ownership. Asahi Breweries Group is its primary sponser. Zepp Tokyo has the largest seating capacity of all the concert halls under the Zepp name, and it is the largest live house in Tokyo.



Address (English):

  • 1 Aomi
  • Palette Town
  • Tokyo,
  • 135-0064

Address (Japanese):

  • 〒135-0064 江東区青海1 パレットタウン


  • 03-3599-0710


The two main train stations that lead to Zepp Tokyo are the Qinghai Station (Yurikamome Line) and the Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line). It is about a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station. Zepp Tokyo was built underneath a Ferris Wheel.


Zepp Tokyo fits approximately 2,709 people standing. An estimated 2,419 people can stand on the first floor, while 293 people can fit on the 2nd floor (200 in coaches, 93 standing). There are 1204 chairs, with 1004 on the first floor and 200 on the second.

There is no food available in the facility, but drinks are served (beer and whiskey being the most popular).

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