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Yuya Noguchi (野口裕也) is a Japanese fashion designer and co-founder of the Japanese brand Man of Moods.

Yuya Noguchi Biography

Yuya Noguchi is from Hokkaido, Japan, where he was born in 1978. Noguchi attended Bunka Academy of Fashion where he studied fashion design. He worked for the Japanese brand Comme des Garcons for some time after graduation. In 1999, he won a prestigious award for his designs. In 2003, after leaving Comme des Garcons, he went on to create Man of Moods with his partner Masakazu Fukuyama.

Yuya Noguchi Designs

Noguchi is known for his dark colors and tight fitting clothing. He is also the sole designer for his brand ManOfMoods (MofM), preferring to create all of the designs for the clothing in the line himself.

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