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The Yokosuka Line is a 73.3 km long rail line in Japan run by the Railway Company JR East. Although technically the Yokosuna line only represents a 23 km segment of the railway (Between Ōfuna Station and Kurihama Station), the entire 73.3 kilometer stretch is usually referred to as the Yokosuna line anyway. The Yokosuka Line operates mainly at Tokyo Station. The entire Yokosuka line has a maximum speed of 120 k/h. The Yokosuka section of the line, however, has a maximum speed of 95 k/h, going as slow as 65 k/h in some areas.

All local trains stop at every station along the way during the Yokosuka Line.


Vehicle Color

Some of the cars of the Yokosuka line are cream colored, and all of them are two toned with blue to help them stand out. The color is thought to be traditional, as a way to stop the war in 1940, though the origins of that idea are unknown.


The first station in Yokosuka opened in 1889. By October 12, 1909, the first train was named after the Yokosuka line.

The Musashi Kosugi Station is expected to open in 2009. Recently, many of the vehicles run by JR East have run into significant troubles, and the Yokosuka line is no exception. Earthquakes, faulty tracks, and other mechanical problems have led to several derailing, many injuries and some casualties as well. This has been especially seen in the Shonan-Shinjuku line. JR East is doing their best to solve all future problems that may result from their trains.

Shōnan-Shinjuku Line

The Shōnan-Shinjuku Line is another line that uses the Yokosuka line. Opening in 2001, the Shōnan-Shinjuku Line is one of the more high speed railway lines that use the Yokosuka line. They are the train that travels at 120 km/h, since most of the other cars that use the Yokosuka line run at only 95 km/h.


The Original Yokosuka Line (the train that does only runs through a select area) spans only a few stations. Starting in Tokyo, the train travels to Shimbashi Station, Shinagawa Station, Nishi-oi Station, Shin-kawasaki Station, and Yokohama Station, The train eventually ends up in Yokosuka. Other trains on the Yokosuka track travel to most of the other stations in and around Tokyo, but there are no stops on the Yokosuka track at Kawasaki Station.

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