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ViVi Magazine is a popular Japanese magazine for young women in their teens in twenties. The magazine is published by Kodansha and focuses on young women who tend to follow the common, popular trends in the market place. ViVi magazine currently enjoys a circulation of more than 450,000, putting in the ranks of many of Kodansha’s other top fashion publications, such as FRaU, GLAMOROUS, VoCE, KING, and FRIDAY. The magazine’s circulation rate has been steadily rising as it spreads out, adding more pages and covering additional styles for an older demographic.

The first ViVi magazine was published in May of 1983 and has since then also been translated and released in Taiwan in a Traditional Chinese version. Currently published monthly, with editor in chief Minoru Takeuchi at the helm, it continues to grow its circulation in both countries.


Magazine Focus

ViVi Magazine focuses largely on the popular trend topics that young women in Japan are interested in, including fashion, beauty topics, new brands, and popular music among other things. Very similar in style to fashion magazines in both Europe and North America, ViVi magazine has long been a key member of Kodansha’s fashion magazine family, targeting an audience of young women still in college or just starting out in the work force, often times known as “office ladies”.

Cover Models

Many of Japan’s most famous and popular young women grace the cover of ViVi Magazine, as well as a wide array of fashion models. The most famous celebrity to grace the cover repeatedly is Ayumi Hamasaki, the Japanese pop star whose image has graced the cover 23 times since 1999. In addition, the magazine runs her Deji Deji Diary special in each issue, a highly popular column. Two other artists who have been featured on the cover multiple times include Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro. Magazine Models

ViVi Magazine has employed a wide variety of magazine models since its inception, with a great deal of them reappearing multiple times in subsequent issues.

Current List of ViVi Models

These models are currently working for ViVi magazine on a regular basis, appearing in successive issues along with guest stars and models:

Past List of ViVi Models

These models have appeared in ViVi magazine in the past, having moved on to larger appearances in television or film, or moving on to more mature magazines.

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