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The Tokyu Toyoko Line is a mass transit line that connects Tokyo and Yokohama. It is owned and operated by a private corporation known as the Tokyu Corporation, and it has a long history as one of the main lines in and around Tokyo. The Tokyu Toyoko line becomes the Minatomirai Line in Yokohama for 5 more stations.



Tokyu Toyoko’s history is dated back to February 14th, 1926, when the first line was laid down from Tamagawa and Kanagawa. Various Stations were added over the next several decades.

Line Information

The Tokyo Toyoko Line travels through 21 different stations over a distance of 21.4 km. It travels at a maximum speed at 110 km/h, making it faster than most of the other public lines though not as fast as the bullet trains. The train turns into the Minatomirai Line in Yokohama for the final five stations of the route, including Shin-Takashima Station, Minatomirai Station, Bashamichi Station, Nihon-ōdōri Station and Motomachi-Chūkagai Station. That line opened on February 1st, 2004. There are four different types of lines. An Express line, a local line, a commuter limited express line and a limited express line. The train line goes through 3 cities: Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Yokohama.

Express Line

The express line goes through 11 of the 21 stations, including Shibuya Station, Naka-Meguro Station, Gakugeidaigaku Station, Jiyūgaoka Station, Den-en-chōfu Station, Tamagawa Station, Musashi-Kosugi Station, Hiyoshi Station, Tsunashima Station, Kikuna Station, and Yokohama Station.

Local Line

The local line goes through all 21 stations (26 if you include the additional Minatomirai lines).

Commuter Limited Express Line

The Commuter Limited Express line goes through 7 of the stations, including Shibuya, Naka-Meguro, Musashi-Kosugi, Hiyoshi, Tsunashima, Kikuna, and Yokohama.

Limited Express Line

The limited express line goes through all of the same stops as the commuter limited express line, except it skips Hiyoshi.

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